My trip to Poland and John Paul tour

This time I’ve chosen Poland, the heart of the Middle Europe. I’ve heard a lot about this country, especially because of the great character – the pope John Paul II. I remember from my childhood that my mom was travelling throught the world. She was going on pilgrim tours to meet the pope. Poland has been her destination a few times, as the pope often visited his homeland. I wanted to go to Poland anyway so when I’d heard about John Paul tour I’d decided to go. Beside that, I was also interested in Polish folk music. Atfer all, music is the thing that makes me travel aroud the world!

My first stop in Poland was Zakopane city – a lovely place located in the Polish Tatra Mountains. My friend told me a lot of good things about the music of that area. He was absolutely right! The traditional musician were amazing. Especially their voices knocked me dead. I’ve recorded a lot of material and till today I keep in touch with them!

However, my John Paul tour was yet to come. I’ve booked an organized tour with KrakowDirect company. It was really good idea, as it let me see a lot of interesting places connected with the pope. His family home in Wadowice was really nice and showed me his old photographs. You can visit there John Paul Museum. During the John Paul tour I’ve seen Kalwaria Zebrzydowska as well. This is the place, where Karol Wojtyla (the young pope) prayed as a cleric. After few hours of walking, I sat in the restaurant, where I ordered famous “kremowka”. This was the favourite sweet of Karol Wojtyla and it’s a shame not to try it in Wadowice.

John Paul tour in Wadowice

After my John Paul tour, I returned to Zakopane and stayed there for 3 more days. Polish Tatra Mountains are beautiful and have a lot of tourust routs to take. However, what attracts me the most to that place, is its tarditional music. I’m very happy that I experienced that and proud of myself to realize my plan to go to Poland.