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Hi guys. I’m Mark and I’m here to share with you my travel and music experiences. You may wonder now what the heck these two fields have in common with each other? Well, by profession I am a sound engineer but regarding hobby I am a voyager.

I love visiting new places but as well I love my job. So I decided to collapse my job and my passion and check out such combination. From a few years I have been travelling throughout Asia and Europe in search of interesting sounds! Well, I’ve been always fascinated by other countries, people living other life then mine, other cultures and their music.

So far I’ve described my experience from Kazakhstan, Caucasus, Auschwitz and Mali.

You see, each population has its own special features regarding the behavior, cuisine and obviously music. And the last one is the most interesting to me. It’s incredible that though all the people on the Earth have the same vocal tract there are so many differences in the sounding! For example, people in the middle Europe are mostly totally unable to make a sound like Caucasus people do widely. I wanted to work on such things so I have chosen to study sound engineering. And it turned out to be the best choice in my life because today my job gives my a lot of fun. Not only I love what I’m doing but I get money for that.

Maybe it sounds a little bit immodest but only those can understand me who realize how important is  that you like what you do for living. As I said I travel a lot and every trip I do I plan very closely. Always I try to visit, see as many interesting places as possible and do a little investigation. Obviously, wherever I go I never come back with no materials to work on later. Materials, I mean recordings. I record people from different corners of the world, their voices, their singing, instruments they play and so on. Then, after such trip I am glad to have all I came for.

I go into my own very personal space – my recording studio and work at the records I gathered till the job’s done. Sometimes it lasts few days and sometimes few weeks. The work I do goes to documentaries and I plan some next journey in pursuit of sounds.

Lli River, only in March it looks so turquoise.
Lli River, only in March it looks so turquoise.

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  1. Have been reading your blog for a long time and I’m more and more curious about every next trip you do. Like your style. Keep doing.

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