My trip to Kazakhstan

I have been interested in USSR history since I was a kid. Never could I understand how powerful must be the union to keep so many smaller countries like Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and son. And this last one has been always fascinated me the most.

The place is so mysterious and so strange as well that I always knew I must go there some day! Finally my dream came true and I screwed up enough courage to plan the trip! Let me first tell you about what the biggest Kazakhstan’s attraction which obviously impressed me the most – Charyn Canyon. Once I got there I didn’t know whether I’m in Kazakhstan or in Grand Canyon in the US. Another breathtaking experience was hanging out in Kaindy.

This is an underwater forest! The place really interesting. About one hundred years ago there was a little earthquake which caused the local forest flooding. It seemed the forest is not gonna live any more. Surprisingly, after years it turned out the forest still blooms and flowers. Today the view over the trees impresses a lot and for sure it’s one of the most fabulous places I’ve ever been.

Apart of the beautiful aspects of Kazakhstan’s nature I have also met people who told me the saddest stories of their life. Many people living in Kazakhstan derive from West and middle Europe. They were resettled by the USSR’s government. They had to work hard in local soviet concentration camps. Obviously not only there such camps were located. I have visited a few of them in central Europe like Auschwitz-Birkenau, Trebling and so on. They told me about families’ separations, crying children, crying parents.

Unquestionably that was a vey hard time for them. However, today, they don’t seem to by very missing people. They used to live like that in such bad times with no families, no beloved, no children, alone…But what I can tell is that Kazakhstan people sing very specifically. I would call to chines&Slavic language. Anyways, certainly for sure I will go back to Kazakhstan cause I live the food which is the best all over the world!

Driving in a sunny October day in Kazakhstan.
Driving in a sunny October day in Kazakhstan.