It’s time for Krakow Airport

Well, as I mentioned before, I am an audio engineer by profession, but I travel as a hobby. I love visiting new places but I also love my job. So I decided to see if there is such a perfect combination. For several years I have been traveling around Asia and Europe in search of interesting sounds! Well, I’ve always been fascinated by other countries, people living different lives than mine, other cultures and their music.

Following the music to Krakow

That is why this time I am taking you with me to Krakow! I have always wanted to go there! Krakow is a city where music can be heard at every corner, world-class concerts take place there, and it’s easy to reach. Thanks to the super connection to Krakow’s airport, I could be there in just a couple of hours. Because Balice is the second airport in Poland after Okęcie in terms of number of travelers. The fact itself, contributes to the fact that all the service works at the highest level! And on the plane you can relax listening to music on headphones!

I decided to come here for vacations, when the tourist traffic is the biggest, but also the most happening. I stayed there for two months, which I will remember for the rest of my life.

The flight itself and the journey from the airport was nice and pleasant to my ears. Using the services of JTP Group I got a private car to the city center. Fortunately, my cab driver had the same taste in music as me, which I could tell from the music coming from the car speakers. So we immediately started talking about the radio and music festivals in the city. Thanks to that I also learned about practical aspects, which later helped me a lot. By the way, I highly recommend this company to you!

Musical Krakow

Krakow is famous for many wonderful events organized on a global scale. Festivals definitely stand out among them. Hundreds of events take place here every year, each one unique and exceptional. In most cases, these are unconventional projects, enjoying great popularity, often promoting young, independent artists, the city, the development of knowledge, allowing the active participation of residents and tourists.

The largest festivals in Krakow are events in the field of music, theater, film, fine arts, or literature, to name just a few, enjoying an established brand. Among them you will find: Jewish Culture Festival, International Festival “Music in Old Krakow”, Street Theatre Festival, Krakow Theatre Miniatures, International Theatre Festival Divine Comedy, Unsound Festival, Polish Music Festival, International Jazz Festival in the Cellar under the Rams, Krakow Film Festival, Month of Photography in Krakow, Live Music Festival, International Film Festival Etiuda&Anima, Audio Art Festival or Theatrum Musicum.

Film Music Festival

The film music festival is organized by the Krakow Festival Office and RMF Classic. My favorite radio! Every year the event attracts directors and composers of international renown, as well as film art lovers from all over the world. It is famous above all for productions combining film screenings with music performed live by an orchestra. The festival also includes an international competition for young composers competing for the Young Talent Award statuette. This is what I was looking forward to the most!

Summer Jazz Festival

Until recently, the Summer Jazz Festival in Krakow was called the Summer Jazz Festival at Piwnica pod Baranami. The event was first organised in 1996, during the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of this cult venue. Since then, the festival has expanded its reach and is no longer limited to just one location. Concerts take place at the Cellar under the Rams, but also at the Philharmonic Hall, the Krakow Opera House and the Manggha Museum. As part of the festival, the Jazz Lamb award is presented.

Live Music Festival

Live Music Festival takes place in Krakow every year on the second or third weekend of August. The first edition took place in 2006. The festival is dominated by pop and hip-hop music.

Philharmonic Music Summer

The artists of the Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra have taken it upon themselves to organise the festival, which is why we can be sure that summer music will flow straight from the warmest of hearts, and each of the concerts prepared h is a true pearl of chamber music. On summer evenings the Krakow Philharmonic invites the public not only to its concert hall, but also to the Polish Aviation Museum and the Consulate General of Austria in Krakow.

 Krakow Culture Summer

These are truly unique events, manifesting the richness and diversity of Krakow’s culture. Krakow Culture Summer includes concerts prepared by Krakow’s flagship festivals: Unsound, Summer Jazz Festival, Audio Art, Festival, Etno Krakow, Film Music Festival or Wianki – the Festival of Music. The events are produced, serviced and organized by KBF and Krakow Cultural Forum, and the space is provided by the Board of Urban Greenery. Everything takes place outdoors. Under the starlight, everything looks a thousand times better.

Tauron Arena

The multifunctional character of the facility gives the possibility to freely configure the audience, extensive multimedia and stage systems, as well as very good acoustics.

Concerts, festivals, film shows, musicals, ice shows, acrobatic shows, galas, congresses, banquets, industry events and outdoor events are organized in the facility. The biggest world stars have their concerts here and the audience always honours them with their presence.

The Music Centre in Krakow

From what I have read in the media, a modern facility will be built to fulfill the cultural hopes of the residents of our region and to provide appropriate working conditions and conditions for the future development of artistic groups from all over Poland.

The construction of the Music Centre – a complex of the highest urban, architectural and functional-utility values will have a positive influence on the quality of public space, strengthen the position of Krakow as a metropolitan center and raise the accessibility and standards of cultural participation in the region.

Beautiful infrastructure and a historic city

Following the path of music, when visiting Krakow’s concerts and festivals, it is worth stopping for a moment and leaving some emotion and admiration for the wonderfully preserved Old Town and Krakow’s monuments. The seat of Polish kings, St. Mary’s Basilica with its beautifully played bugle call for those arriving at the market square, or the Cloth Hall and the excellently organized Museum in the basement are all must-sees when visiting the city. If you don’t want to hassle with planning a tour on your own, it’s worth taking advantage of Krakow Direct tours. A guide can even take you on a melex along the path of the most beautiful places!

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